Amy Hibbard, a distinguished fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia, infuses her work with a unique blend of instinct, intuition, and a profound connection to her surroundings. Rooted in a childhood of simplicity and adventure in country NSW, Amy’s roles as a mother and wife imbue her photography with playfulness, empathy and simplicity.

Relocating to Sydney’s western suburbs at the age of 12 expanded Amy’s world, exposing her to diverse cultures and sparking a passion for photography at 14. Early recognition in the Moran Prize National Photography Competition at 17 solidified her commitment to the craft, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts.

Amy has excelled in fashion photography since graduating in 2010, featuring in top publications like Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire etc. Her work includes campaigns for global brands like Birkenstock and Australian ones like Nancy Ganz and White Fox displayed on billboards and retail spaces globally.

Working with influencers and television personalities like Erin Molan, Darren Palmer, Robyn Lawley and Ashley Hart, Amy’s approach to work is characterised by authenticity and professionalism. She firmly believes that an enjoyable atmosphere enhances the creative outcome of each shoot.

Her love for location photography is evident, as she intertwines influences from her childhood—Australian landscapes, raw light, and diversity—to craft expressive and effortless moments that breathe life into the fashion world. 

In every click, Amy Hibbard continues to redefine fashion photography, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.