Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions Booking deposit and payment: The client must pay the booking fee in accordance with the contract to keep the Studio to perform the services specified in the contract.
  2. Cancellation: If the Client cancels this Agreement more than six (6) calendar days before the day of the photograph, all reservation fees paid to the Photographer will be fully refunded if the Photographer can re-book the room on the same day. If the Photographer is NOT able to provide another client on the specified date, or if the cancellation occurs less than six (6) calendar days before the specified date, the Client will forfeit the reservation fee.
  3. Refund: Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that all photographs maybe viewed by the client on our website prior to purchase, once orders have been sent, Amy Hibbard Photography has a strict NO REFUND/RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY.
  4. Photographic documents and copyright: All photographic documents, such as original negatives, photographs, or slides, are the exclusive property of the Photographer. The photographer owns the copyright in all images created and may use the work for samples, contests, exhibitions, advertising, and self-promotion. Use outside the scope of this agreement will require customer consent.
  5. Use by the Client: The Client receives prints for personal use only and is not authorized to sell these prints or allow reproduction to third parties other than the Photographer. If the Customer receives a print for reproduction, the Photographer authorizes the Customer to reproduce the print only under the conditions specified in the section “Special conditions of use”. In such a case, Client should require that the Photographer’s Copyright and Credit Notice be displayed next to the photograph upon posting but cannot be held responsible if the posting refuses or does not.
  6. Social Media: This clause applies to all social media, including Facebook and blogs. When posting on the Internet, a link to the photographer is required. The customer undertakes not to modify in any case the photos published publicly on the Internet. Customer agrees to be responsible for any family member or friend who posts our photos online and agrees that they cannot be cropped (except for forced cropping for the Facebook timeline), changed color or altered in any way.
  7. Failure to comply: If the Photographer is unable to comply with this Agreement due to fire or other accident, strike or other reason beyond the control of the parties, or due to the Photographer’s illness, the Photographer must return all funds previously paid to the Client. but assumes no other responsibility with respect to the Agreement. This limitation of liability also applies if photographic material is damaged in processing, lost due to camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged through no fault of the photographer. In the event that the Photographer fails to fulfill his obligations for any other reason, the Photographer is not responsible for an amount exceeding the market value of the Customer’s order.
  8. High resolution: Images delivered in high resolution (or referred to as high resolution) have a resolution of 300 dpi with 3000 pixels along the longest edge. Amy Hibbard Photography retains client files for 2 years after the photo shoot and is not responsible for any claims after this period. All client files will be deleted, and backups will be cleaned up after this period.
  9. Responsibility: looking after children is the responsibility of the client; Amy Hibbard Photography declines all responsibility in the event of an accident with children or damage to public or private property during a photo shoot or consultation. It is understood that no other photographer, amateur or professional, is authorized to take photographs at the venue (wedding, portrait, family photograph, etc.) while Amy Hibbard Photography is operating, and that any violation of this agreement will constitute a reason for refusal. completion of the work without liability towards the photographer and loss of the initial deposit by the client.
  10. The client agrees that all photos will be taken and edited at the discretion of the photographer, based on their experience and artistic perspective. If the customer has special wishes, he must create a “short list” of all the photos he needs. All contracted images will have standard image editing (including retouching for fair skin, light and colour adjustments).
  11. Any additional changes requested by the client will cost the client $50 per image if accepted by the photographer. Additional image settings include (resizing body or body parts, replacing body parts from another image, changing the colour of body parts, additional skin retouching, replacing or replacing the body part ‘background). It is also implied that if hair and makeup are not included in the contract, the Photographer is not responsible for correcting any hair, skin or makeup issues.
  12. It is understood that the Photographer is not responsible for correcting photographs which cover parts of your body which you do not wish to see in the photograph, unless this has been confirmed in writing by the photographer.
  13. The photographer (s) will have a 20-minute break of their choice, as well as a toilet break if necessary. Each photographer will receive a full meal for any photo shoot over 5 hours. If food is not provided, the photographer (s) reserve the right to travel offsite for lunch for 45 minutes.
  14. It is implied that the client is responsible for notifying the photographer via email of any change in date or location (including, but not limited to, dates of wedding, childbirth or hospital photograph)
  15. Amy Hibbard Photography is not responsible for any complaints regarding messages sent via mobile text messages or social media websites.
  16. Photo Collaboration: If family / guests are photographing, Amy Hibbard Photography is not responsible for any obstructed photographs or photographs spoiled by individual flashes or other guest behaviour.
  17. Amy Hibbard Photography is not responsible for obstructions or spoiled photos caused by the actions of other vendors or facility staff.
  18. All communications with the Photographer or Studio must be in English and in writing (by mail or email).